Jennings GP- Motorcycle Paradise in the US!

December 14, 2021

The Only 100% Motorcycle Road Course Two miles of twisted black asphalt with 14 turns. It is officially known as Jennings GP — the only 100% motorcycle road course in the US. At Jennings GP, located just off Interstate 75 in Jennings, FL, motorcyclists can experience track riding in a safe environment, free of cars […]

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Continental ContiSportAttack 4- The Proper Tires For Drag Races

November 16, 2021

Interview with the builder of ‘La Guapísima’ Although he is a biologist by profession, what he is most passionate about are motorcycles, and more specifically those that he builds with his own hands piece by piece. We are talking about Pepo Rosell -or XTR Pepo, as you prefer to call him-, one of the most […]

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