Tires warranty: What is NOT covered

March 17, 2020

Covered When it Matters Most Motorcycle tires are one of the products that are covered by an official warranty from Continental Tire. In fact, Continental covers so much with its warranty, we had to dig REAL deep to find something not covered. Continental offers the Total Confidence Plan, which is a package of extra warranties […]

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Ride with Confidence for 3-Years with Complimentary Tire Assistance

February 28, 2020

3-Years of Complimentary Tire Assistance You’re on the journey of a lifetime with nothing but the open road ahead.  Unexpectedly, a flat tire threatens to derail your ride. Do you panic? Absolutely not. Why? Because Continental Motorcycle Tire’s got you covered. Continental Motorcycle Tires come with FREE complimentary Flat Tire Assistance coverage with a live […]

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