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VisionZero: The zero accidents philosophy by Continental

Zero accidents, zero fatalities

It is time to put the road accidents into a museum. This sentence could summarize the goal of VisionZero, the Continental’s initiative to achieve zero casualties, zero injuries and zero accidents. Motorcycle design advancements and new technologies allow driving and riding with more safety and efficiency. Driving assistances or premium tire compounds developed by Continental contribute to this.

The pursuit of this goal is characterized by high-tech developments and ultimate electronica assistances. Furthermore, premium tires manufactured by Continental for motorcycles, cars and other vehicles have excellent braking characteristics and precision that make driving safer. All these advancements combined is what makes maximum security possible.

The Chassis and Safety division, as well as the Tires department, are associated with different organizations at seeking the maximum range of active and passive safety of vehicles such as Global NCAP.

With VisionZero, Continental seeks to avoid accidents with mitigation systems, such as protective equipment for adult or child occupants, pedestrian protection systems and assistance systems. For example, the stability control ESC (Electronic Stability Control), the autonomous braking systems AEBS (Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems) and the adaptive cruise control ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), today essential to achieve excellence in the rankings that assess vehicle safety.

Continental’s VisionZero philosophy has even more reason for being in the two-wheeler world, as motorcyclists are considered a vulnerable group on the road. Systems such as ABS, adaptive cruise control, radars such as Traffic Sign Assist, the blind spot detector, the forward collision warning or the emergency braking assistant are some of the specific developments for motorcycles that are already making go on a motorcycle is safer than ever.

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