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Top 5 reasons to get a motorcycle

Save the Motorcycle

It’s no secret that the motorcycle market has been going downhill since the 2008 market crash and has recently hit a low plateau. Motorcycle riders are becoming older and older. Manufacturers have had to adapt in pursuit of a new young market: the millennials. Young buyers are just not into bikes like decades ago, unless they have grown surrounded by a motorcycle community or influence. Decades ago, new bikes were much cheaper when compared to cars and technology hadn’t caught up with baby boomers.

In hopes of changing minds and assuring some potential riders, here are 5 reasons to get a motorcycle:

Fuel Economy

Lisa and Simon Thomas from 2 Ride The World

Motorcycles are a lot more fuel efficient than automobiles, thanks to their light weight, less friction and wind resistance. A compact motorcycle like the Honda Grom will get you 100+ mpg, or a decent small-medium bike like the Honda CBR250R can get you up to 82 mpg. Of course, not all bikes will give you all these mpg. Big bikes like the Honda Gold Wing will only return 35 mpg. Compare this to a car and the most mpg you can get is around 52 combined with the new Toyota Prius. In comparison, a big car like the new BMW 760i may only return 16 mpg combined. Apart from saving you money on gas, remember that bikes also have something called smiles per gallon.

Cool Factor

Whenever a motorcycle is on the road, most people take a good look. Why? Because motorcycles are cool, rare and considered exclusive to those that step out of the mold. Those who are not afraid to be different. When you own a motorcycle, you become part of the two wheel culture. Riding a motorcycle becomes specially fulfilling when you have mastered the skill of riding, when you get beyond the beginner fears and gain a new skill set that not many can handle or have license to. The cool factor is even higher when you find a group of riders just like you to ride along.

Easier Commuting

Cars require at least twice the space to park when compare to a bike. For those who live in the city, finding parking is always a struggle and a daily concern. Motorcycles are easier to handle around tight spaces thanks to an all-around view and smaller size. Also, if you live in a place where lane splitting is allowed, you will get to work or wherever you are going sooner and with less frustration.

Easy & Inexpensive Maintenance

Continental Motorcycle Tire Ambassador, Sofi Tsingos from GT-Moto

A car is many times more prone to fail and wear out parts sooner due to having a lot more parts and higher use. Maintenance and parts are two of the most accessible things on a motorcycle. You don’t need to be a full-on experienced mechanic to work on your own bike. On a motorcycle, everything is easy and simple to work on. Even if you let a professional work on your bike, it won’t dry your wallet like some cars. Parts are cheap and easy to find online and salvage yards. Working on your bike either to fix it or upgrade it can be and enjoyable pastime.

The Riding Experience

Riding a motorcycle does not only make you look cool, but feel like you can go anywhere anytime in pursuit of adventure and new challenges. The overused word related to motorcycle is “freedom”. It is the closest thing to describing the riding experience. Freedom not only in the physical sense, but also mentally. Just like going for a walk or going to the gym, riding a bike will make you escape your daily stress. So feel the wind blowing in your face, breathe some fresh air and ride on.

Continental is very passionate about motorcycling. As pioneers, we also want you to be passionate about riding. Our tires are engineered with safety, performance and durability in mind to provide the rider with the best riding experience possible. If you have never thought about getting a bike or are thinking about getting one, we hope these 5 reasons have helped you consolidate your mind and get you riding in the near future.

Until next week!

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