TKC 80, a great choice for the 2019 1000 Dunas rally

The 1000 Dunas is a rally that celebrated its second edition in 2019. The rally started in Granada (Andalucía, Spain), but most of the racing took place in the sands of Morocco. The 1000 Dunas is promoted by the ex-rider and ex-manager, Miguel Puertas, a Spaniard well known in the Dakar rally circuit. Puertas developed a rally to attract both pro and amateurs’ riders searching for true adventure.

The event was a big success! Competitors had to fight in every single stage against rocks, rain, hot and, of course, dunes, tricky conditions to reach the final goal. Riders had to manage navigation by correctly reading road-books which proves to be great training for the Dakar rally navigation skills test.

Continental took part of the event. The Spanish rider, Jaime Lozano, had a brand-new Yamaha Ténéré 700 equipped with a pair of TKC 80‘s tires. Continental tires demonstrated that they are one of the best on/off-road tires, being able to play a crucial role in a tough race such as the 1000 Dunas. Congratulations to Lozano’s Ténéré winner of the street road category!