Start Right the First Time

Experienced riders will tell others that there are two kinds of riders: the ones that have fallen and the ones that will. Having total control while riding is essential to have a fun and safe ride. An effective and comfortable riding position will give the rider confidence and enjoyment. Dangerous habits are the most common mistakes from self-though riders due to their steep and sometimes too rapid learning curve without counseling. Therefore, the best thing to do is to learn a correct riding position from the first time.

A good position should enhance your abilities as a rider. Remember that a motorcycle is ridden not only with the hands and feet, but also with the whole body.

What is the best riding position?

Every bike has different dimensions and geometry, and therefore a different riding style. A cruiser requires a totally different driving style and method than that of a dual sport or hypersport bike. But all riding positions need to be in a relaxed state, with flexed arms, high elbows, and a straight back with knees hugging the bike’s gas tank.


The feet can have two main positions. When riding on a straight line, the feet should be supported in the central part, the plantar arch. When turning or leaning, it should be supported under the metatarsals on the abutment to press harder and take refuge behind it to avoid rubbing or impact with the asphalt. This change of position only affects the foot that is inside the corner.


It is key to always look far ahead of the straight or the next corner. In corners, use your head to aid your eyesight and gain a wider angle of where you want to go. By doing this, the rest of the body will tend to turn in conjunction and follow the same movement. The shoulders and pelvis will turn to the same direction. This will force the feet support the footboard and knees over the gas tank.


Wrists should be aligned perfectly straight at all times with the same inclination of the handle bars. This will prevent fatigue and require less effort to actuate. Many handle bars are adjustable, test them until finding the right angle. A correct wrist position will also avoid unwanted throttle or brake inputs over bumps or ridges.

Following these suggestions should improve you overall riding, so start making sure you apply them. If you want to read more about safety riding tips, check out our How to maintain a safe riding distance.

Have a safe and fun ride!