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Top 8 reasons to get the Continental ContiSportAttack 4

Why to get a pair of Continental ContiSportAttack 4

The Continental ContiSportAttack 4 is a sport tire that is best defined as the step before the circuit tire, being able to offer an amateur racer a safe first glimpse of what a track day is all about.  Since its introduction in 2020, this premium hyper sport tire that can be used both on and off the track has quickly become a favorite for riders who want to take their bikes to the limit.  Today we want to show you in detail all the features of the ContiSportAttack 4, and give you eight key reasons why you should try them.

1. Expertise: 4th generation of development

The ContiSportAttack 4 was born through a long evolution of more than 15 years. The ContiSportAttack line was first introduced in 2006 with significant improvements to design and performance realized in 2012 with the release of the ContiSportAttack 2 followed by the ContiSportAttack 3 in 2016.  With the launch of the ContiSportAttack 4 in 2020, some major next-generation technologies have resulted in this tire being considered a major step forward in Continental’s sport tire segment.

The ContiSportAttack 4 brings together all the experience collected by the engineers at the Korbach plant over 15 years, as well as the sensations reported by users through feedback.

2. Advanced technology applied

Next-Generation Core Technologies are standard in a range of  Continental tires.  A sport tire such as the ContiSportAttak 4, which must respond quickly and correctly to the most extreme rider positions, features the following technologies:

3. BlackChili, the secret compound

But certainly the technology that has brought about the biggest revolution in the sport tire segment is BlackChili compound, which is featured in the ContiSportAttack 4. This compound combines the very latest polymers with specially developed carbon black particles and filler materials. Before it is applied to the ContiSportAttack 4.

This exclusive and patented compound has three main key points: fast warm-up times, shorter braking distances and excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. All this does not mean increase tire tread wear, on the contrary, the BackChili extends the long life of the ContiSportAttack 4.

4. Wide range in the racing and hyper sport tires

The ContiSportAttack 4 tires are not the only tires available for sportier users, Continental has other options that complete its range of racing and hyper sport tires. In addition to the ContiSportAttack 4, there is the ContiRaceAttack 2 Street, a track tire that is approved for use on public roads, the ContiRaceAttack 2, a tire for use on the track and the ContiRaceTrack Slick, also for the track.

Continental has long-standing experience in the development of sport tires. Its tires have a unique grip on the market that comes from the evolution of technologies such as the previously mentioned BlackChili.

5. Sport feeling for every motorbike and every rider

The ContiSportAttack 4 has been developed with sporty use in mind, however, not only sport bikes can use it. This sport tire is prepared to withstand very high power, so it is also compatible with more sport touring bikes, high displacement and high level of performance.

For example, bikes like the BMW S 1000 XR, the Suzuki Hayabusa or the Kawasaki Ninja H2 are perfectly compatible with the ContiSportAttack 4.

6. Best buy: Different comparisons

Not only have users trusted the ContiSportAttack 4 to get out on the road, but experts in the two-wheeled sector have also repeatedly chosen Continental’s tire as the best sporty choice.

One example of this was the designation of the ContiSportAttack 4 by the German magazine Motorrad Magazin MO as the best buy. The Continental tire received the best score in a comparison with five other top tires from other brands in the hyper sport segment.

7. Developed and made in Germany

Continental designs, produces and tests many of its tires at its plant in Korbach, Germany. At Continental’s Engineering Center, more than 1,000 scientists, designers and engineers are dedicated to inventing, developing and testing with the goal of achieving the performance that every user is looking for. The ContiSportAttack 4 are developed and manufactured in Germany’s Korbach factory, the famous ContiDrom development center, and tested on the fast German autobahns.

8. Specialized in 17″

Continental has focused exclusively on the development of the ContiSportAttack 4 in the 17″ size. For more than two decades this has been the size in which almost all sport bikes have been launched, so the German brand has specialized in developing its tire in this size.  Continental has focused solely and exclusively on the development of the ContiSportAttack 4 in the 17″ size.

Find the right size ContiSportAttack 4  for your ride at the Continental Motorcycle Fitment Guide.


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