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NEW: ContiTrailAttack 3

Let’s see the brand new ContiTrailAttack 3

The new ContiTrailAttack 3 has debuted at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, this past week and we are happy to say that it is a significant improvement over the previous model. Over the years, the ContiTrailAttack 2 has been a dominant tire among the road biased dual-sport tire market. It has been praised for its looks, handling and durability. But constant innovation is part of the Continental DNA and we feel that better is always possible.

The successor of the ContiTrailAttack 2 still keeps its 90% Street – 10% Off Road pattern design capabilities. The new ContiTrailAttack 3 has been designed to handle the high demands imposed by the new super powerful adventure tourer motorcycles. This new tire is more compatible with all the electronic modes of these new adventure motorcycles than ever. It has been designed to be the best all-round tire for powerful adventure tourers!

ContiTrailAttack 3: The most agile On/Off Road tire with 100% trust from the start

**internal outdoor wear test under realistic touring conditions on BMW 1200 GS (K50)
** internal outdoor wear test under realistic touring conditions on BMW 1200 GS (K25)

Available with Cross-Ply and Radial construction:


ContiTrailAttack 3: New Features

The ContiTrailAttack 3 features an even more functional pattern design with a more aggressive Enduro look. This pattern design allows for wider drainage grooves towards the shoulders for a self-cleaning abilities.

  1. Less grooves in the backbone for higher mileage and better stability
  2. Grooves until the shoulder area for maximal drainage
  3. Tread opens into the direction of the shoulder for better self-cleaning abilities
  4. Special grooves for enhanced grip on the side
  5. Contra-directional pattern design, adopted for the special needs:
    • Front tire: braking forces
    • Rear tire: accelerating forces

Continental Core Technologies Embedded In The ContiTrailAttack 3:



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