Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies: Intelligent Headlight Assist

This post is part four of the Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies series, where the latest motorcycle technologies get created to ensure safety in all riders and accomplish Vision Zero. Make sure to take a look at part one, two and three of the series if you haven’t.

These technologies have been developed to support Continental’s worldwide safety campaign, Vision Zero. Vision Zero is Continental’s commitment to safety in both automobiles and motorcycles. Zero fatalities, zero injuries, zero accidents. It’s only the combination of advanced rider assistance systems and premium tires that puts drivers and riders in a position to actually benefit from top level safety out on the roads. Continental is the only company that can offer high-tech solutions in both product areas from a single source.

In this fourth post, you will discover more about the Continental Intelligent Headlight Assist or IHA. Great illumination while riding is essential to stay safe during the darkest environments. Most motorcycles have one big or two small headlights to aid the rider navigate the road ahead at night, when the risk of an accident is twice as great as the risk while driving during the day, optimal vision is essential. A common way to get better lighting is turning the high beams on. This is where the Continental Intelligent Headlight Assist comes in. Turning the high beams on can be beneficial, but dangerous for oncoming traffic, as it may distort their view of the road ahead. The IHA is equipped with light sensors to adjust low and high beam for oncoming traffic. Continental understands that safety should be present in every aspect and scenario of motorcycle riding.

Intelligent Headlight Assist

Intelligent Headlight Assist (IHA) enables better vision at night. Delegate the constant tedious task of changing from high to low beam to your “electronic co-pilot”. The system monitors oncoming vehicles and those traveling ahead of the driver’s vehicle, ensuring that the headlamps are set to provide optimum lighting in any situation.

IHC: Technical Specifications

  • IHC light: Automatically switches high-beam on and off.
  • IHC standard: Additionally provides automatic adaption of low-beam lighting distance.
  • IHC plus / matrix: Glare-free high-beam with 1 to 5 cut-off regions for maximum visibility of environment.

IHC: Features & Benefits

  • More comfortable, safer driving thanks to better vision.
  • Improved visibility without blinding encountering traffic.
  • Adaptive environment modelling for optimized lighting.

IHC: Video

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