Trev Richter aims for 170 mph speed record on his BMW R 1200 GS

The last record broken on a motorcycle using Continental tires was at the beginning of the last year, when Carl Reese broke the record for most miles completed in 24 hours on a track. This time the aim is not how far you can go, but how fast with the ContiTrailAttack 2.

ContiTrailAttack 2
Photo: @coloradoadvmoto Instagram

The insanity of this speed record is not the speed goal of 170 mph, but the bike used to achieve it. Adventure riding coach, Trev Richter, from coloradoadvmoto is doing this attempt using a BMW R 1200 GS -a dual-sport bike. Adventure bikes are not design for high speeds, but for the trails and off-road environments. Unlike hypersport bikes, speed record attempts on dual-sport bikes are rare to say the least. The tire up to the task is the ContiTrailAttack 2, a tire developed in conjunction with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM in order to reach the highest levels of speed and quality.

The Trail Attack 2 was specially developed for big and powerful dual-sport motorcycles like the BMW R1200GS. Therefore, it must have a high speed rating and radial construction. This tire features better grip in the wet and excellent mileage on long trips, thanks to innovative Continentals Core Technologies. It also features a stronger carcass along with a progressive tread pattern design on the front wheel. This features ensure increased precision and optimized wear behavior. Core Technology TractionSkin ensures extremely safe and short run-in time and ZeroDegree provides a 0° steel belted construction on the rear wheel for enhanced stability and comfort even at high speeds and with large payloads.

Testament to ContiTrailAttack 2 (W) speed rating and radial construction capabilities

Richter has been gradually increasing his top speed in the very dry Bonneville Salt Flats. So far the prepped BMW has reached 144 mph, which is already a record by itself. Trev is not only doing this for the thrill but also for a great cause. A partnership was formed with the Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) to raise awareness and fund the program. With help from his land speed record attempts, Richter helps veterans overcome the effects of PTSD one mile per hour faster at a time.

So far the adventure bike has had very significant modifications like removing unnecessary parts, installing an aftermarket exhaust, a nitrous oxide system, a tunable ECU and taller gears.

Keep on pushing, Trev. Continental is with you!

ContiTrailAttack 2 receives MOTORRAD Magazine “Practical tip” award for 2017