Challenging Conditions Test the ContiTrailAttack 3

Continental traveled to Crete, Greece to launch the ContiTrailAttack 3. To show off our newest tire, the Continental team, key distributors and representatives from leading industry publications rode more than 140 miles together including both on- and off-road routes. The ContiTrailAttack 3 which was debuted in November at EICMA in Milan has earned praise for its looks, handling and durability.

The riders faced strong winds, chilly rain, snow and varied terrain including mud, gravel and sand as they wove through the mountainous landscape. Due to the unfavorable weather, rock and mudslides made some sections of the road nearly impassable. Although the conditions weren’t perfect, they gave riders the opportunity to really test the ContiTrailAttack 3’s performance.

The ContiTrailAttack 3 is designed for 90% street and 10% off-road use and features the latest Continental technologies including TractionSkin, MultiGrip, EasyHandling, ZeroDegree and RainGrip. This is our most agile on-/ off-road tire for powerful Adventure Tourers, engineered to the highest standards in the industry.

Some key improvements over its predecessor include:

  • SHORTEST WARM-UP TIME: reaches its optimal temperature within the first mile*
  • BENCHMARK IN WEAR: Even after 2,200 miles, the ContiTrailAttack 3 has more tread depth than a new benchmark tire and better handling abilities**
  • PERFORMANCE OVER TIME: consistent performance throughout the life of the tire
  • NEW COMPOUND AND DESIGN: features a new compound and tread pattern for better wet performance, mileage and stability
  • EASYHANDLING: easy and predictable handling especially while cornering

*internal outdoor wear test under realistic touring conditions on BMW 1200 GS (K50)
** internal outdoor wear test under realistic touring conditions on BMW 1200 GS (K25)

What people are saying about the ContiTrailAttack 3

Mark Tuttle (Editor-in-Chief of Rider Magazine): “After a long riding day in every conceivable condition an adventure rider might attempt on Conti’s new TrailAttack 3 tires—high-speed wet and dry winding roads, rain, mud, sand, gravel and rocks—this rider came away impressed with the tires’ excellent, confidence-inspiring performance. The best part is that the TA3s deliver that performance right from the start, whether cold or fully warmed up.”

Mark L. Hearon (Motojournalist): “The weather and road conditions were less than ideal, so the road ride became a bit of an adventure unto itself. These aren’t the conditions that riders typically seek out; instead, they seem to find us when we don’t expect it. Finding myself in that situation with the ContiTrailAttack 3 tires left me feeling confident to go on despite the challenges we faced. Riding on the road, when you lose traction, it’s time to clench up because it feels like your ride is about to end — hard. That wasn’t the case with the ContiTrailAttack 3 tires. Rather than giving up, they linked back up almost immediately. It was like the tire was talking to me saying, ‘Relax, I’ve got this. ‘TractionSkin had my back and WetGrip held up… all the technologies really did their job. I was very impressed with the tire and am looking forward to mounting a set to my adventure bike.”

You can read his full review in the May issue of BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Magazine.

Stay tuned for more reviews of the ContiTrailAttack 3 coming soon!

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  1. This summer I’m looking forward to using CTA IIIs on a 7165 mile trip to the finish of the Iron Butt Rally. The flyer in BMWMOA magazine shows that these tires have an exceptional long tread life, and life is too short waiting for an emergency tire to go on.

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