Hyper-Touring Segment is Born

After two years on the market, it’s clear that the ContiRoadAttack 4 has made a lasting impact on the sport-touring tire market. With its creation, Continental kicked off a new segment in tires, the hyper-touring segment, as there has not been one capable of properly classifying them until now. In this article, we want to take stock of the first years of the ContiRoadAttack 4 and how it has changed the landscape of motorcycle tires, setting new standards in performance, durability, and versatility.

Optimized Performance

Since its introduction, the ContiRoadAttack 4 has impressed with its exceptional performance backed by cutting-edge technology. Its tread uses TractionSkin technology to offer exceptional grip from the get-go, eliminating the need for a prolonged break-in period. Additionally, high-quality rubber compounds like RainGrip ensure outstanding traction in both dry and wet conditions, providing riders with supreme control in any situation.

One of the most notable features of the ContiRoadAttack 4 is its exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for those who undertake long motorcycle journeys. Its advanced carcass construction and MultiGrip technology ensure even wear and an extended tire life, meaning fewer replacements and more kilometers of fun on the road. This superior durability has changed riders’ expectations regarding tire longevity, establishing a new standard in the market.


Another aspect that has changed the market is the versatility offered by the ContiRoadAttack 4. The Continental tire is perfect for a wide range of motorcycles and riding styles, including trail bikes. In addition to being available in a variety of standard sizes, the ContiRoadAttack 4 is also offered in a 19″ size, making it ideal for trail bikes that require a tire capable of delivering excellent performance on both paved roads and demanding terrain.

Its optimized carcass design provides exceptional stability, both in straight lines and corners, while its ability to absorb road irregularities ensures a smooth and comfortable ride at all times. Whether on an agile sport bike, a comfortable cruiser, or an adventurous trail bike, the ContiRoadAttack 4 offers outstanding performance that caters to the needs of any rider. It’s also great for urban riders!

The ContiRoadAttack 4 has left a lasting legacy in the sport-touring tire market, thanks to its exceptional performance, proven durability, and unmatched versatility. With cutting-edge technology and innovative design, this tire continues to set new standards in the industry, inspiring other manufacturers to follow suit. For riders seeking the best in terms of performance and reliability, the ContiRoadAttack 4 remains the undisputed choice.