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Continental Racing Tires are engineered for the track. The ContiTrack and ContiRaceAttack Rain are designed for the ultimate racing and track day performance. These specialty tires can be purchased through a smaller network of race industry experts. Continental race tire distributors frequent the track and are experts in maximizing a racer’s potential. Since 2017 Keith Von Hertell Racing, based in San Antonio, TX has distributed Continental Race Tires throughout the mid-south region. Keith, known to many as “Boss”, is well respected within the racing culture and knows motorcycle racing inside and out. Recently, we were able to catch up with Keith and asked him to share his start in the racing industry and his love for Continental Racing Tires.

In His Own Words

Keith Von Hertell:

“I was born in San Diego, CA but spent most of my childhood in San Antonio and Austin, TX. My father raced cars and built hot rods. I got my 1st “motorcycle” when I was eight years old. It was a pull start minibike that I crashed every time I tried to jump it. My Dad said I just needed to practice more. When I got a Yamaha 60 at age 11, the first time I tried to jump it, the bike landed so softly that I began to try and see how high I could get it. That’s what started my love of two wheels.”

“I rode off-road and trails until I was 14 when I bought a wrecked Yamaha Seca 750 from my uncle. Since I didn’t have a license I decided to turn it into a drag bike. I raced that and a few others for a few years until I went into the Navy. I put bikes on hold for a few years until I got back to San Antonio and decided to start collecting and building 70’s cafe racers. In the mid 90’s, I decided to build an RD350 to race because I heard the WERA/CMRA had a specific class for those old bikes and I happened to have at least 15-RD350/400s. So, I started on the RD in 1997 with WERA/CMRA and progressed to more modern bikes after a few years.

“I raced Sprints and Endurance on everything from YSR50’s to 1000cc Superbikes. I won a few championships in both sprints and Endurance.”

A Generation of Racing

“My son and I were offered an opportunity to test ContiTrack slicks in late 2017 at COTA and Harris Hill Raceway. We both went faster than we had before. We liked the feel and grip of the ContiTrack slicks, so we decided to make the switch for the 2018 season.

“My son Cosmo Von Hertell raced on the ContiTrack slicks, earning several podium wins until he crashed big at MSRC, ending his season abruptly.”

“We love the tires so much that we decided to run the Continental Race tires again for 2019.”

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