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Three Must-Haves for Your Tires in Summer

June 11, 2024

Overhaul, Pressure, and Maintenance With the arrival of good weather, it’s always a great time to ride your bike. However, high temperatures also mean we need to pay extra attention to our tires. While this depends on your location (inland, coast, humidity, temperature, etc.), proper maintenance and care are essential. Here are some tips to […]

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ContiRoadAttack 4: How it Has Changed the Sport-Touring Tire Market

March 21, 2024

After two years on the market, it’s clear that the ContiRoadAttack 4 has made a lasting impact on the sport-touring tire market. With its creation, Continental had to kick off a new segment in tires, the hyper-touring segment, as there hadn’t been one capable of properly classifying them until now. In this article, we want to take stock of the first years of the ContiRoadAttack 4 and how it has changed the landscape of motorcycle tires, setting new standards in performance, durability, and versatility.

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Traveling With a Passenger? Tips for Motorcycle Riding and Preparation

March 8, 2024

Riding a motorcycle with passenger Embarking on a motorcycle journey with a passenger is an exhilarating adventure, but it requires a special set of skills and preparation. Not everyone finds it comfortable to travel long distances seated on a motorcycle. Sometimes, this can be tiring, especially when traveling with a passenger, as the effort required […]

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Rainy Riding: Tips and How It Affects Tires

February 22, 2024

Tips on Driving in the Rain With the arrival of more rain in the spring, it’s crucial to address how water and humidity affect our roads and, specifically, the performance of motorcycle tires. On days when the weather seems to have a mind of its own, understanding how to deal with these conditions becomes essential […]

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The Best 2024 Bikes for ContiRoadAttack 4

January 24, 2024

Equip the ContiRoadAttack 4 and Maximize Your Performance First weAs we enter the first weeks of 2024, we knew we had to make our usual list of the most interesting bikes presented by the best brands for this year. The ContiRoadAttack 4 is the best choice for touring and sport-touring enthusiasts, that’s why they are […]

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BMW R 12 nineT, the Latest German Bike Equipped with ContiRoad

January 4, 2024

ContiRoad as original tire Just a few weeks ago we told you about BMW’s commitment to fit its new R nineT Pure with Continental ContiRoad tires. Well, now this commitment has been expanded with the BMW R 12 nineT which will come comes equipped with Continental ContiRoad tire has standard. Thus, the iconic barvarian brand […]

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‘Best 2023 Continental Motorcycles’ by BMW Club of America

December 13, 2023

Best of the Museum in the Last Seven Months Continental collaborates with the BMW Car Club of America Foundation, a museum about the Bavarian motorcycles that each month present their best model after a vote. This monthly competition for two-wheeled vehicles began in June 2023, so there are seven motorcycles of the month, so far. […]

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BMW R nineT Pure Equipped with Continental ContiRoad

December 5, 2023

The Sport-Touring Tires for German Retro BMW and Continental go hand in hand on some of the Bavarian brand’s models. The R nineT Pure is one of them. The most economical challenge-style bike of the nineT family carries the ContiRoad as standard, a compound that maintains the bases of its predecessor, the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO, […]

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Winter Riding Challenges: How The Right Tire Can Keep You Riding Year-Round

November 27, 2023

Continental Tires for Winter Use Riding year round comes with a unique set of challenges, with winter being the most challenging. Aside from the cold that can cut through your gear and the unpredictable behavior of drivers, the varying conditions of winter produce the most nerve-wracking challenge. In winter, rain can turn to ice on […]

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EICMA 2023: Continental Shows its Latest Tires and Technologies

November 13, 2023

More Than a Century As a Leader in Innovation Last week, the Milan Motorcycle Show was held, the appointment par excellence for motorcycle enthusiasts. Of course, Continental could not miss it and displayed more than a century of technological innovation. EICMA 2023 has become a showcase for our latest solutions and cutting-edge products for two-wheelers, […]

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